Here are some of the projects currently underway in this field within the ambit of ECAI:

Phyllis Jestice, formerly at University of California at Davis and now teaching history at the University of Southern Mississippi, is working on a project to digitise the database appendices from Lionel Rothkrug's 1980 project on pilgrimage sites to Mary, Jesus and saints in Germany. She is also co-editor, with Lionel Rothkrug, of a (print) encyclopedia of Irish spirituality, and works also in the field of comparative religion, with particular emphasis on Buddhism.

Medea Abashidze, who is a historian of religion in the Georgian Republic, is working on an atlas of saints in the Georgian Christian tradition. She has already accomplished a visually impressive CD-ROM with information about a number of saints and associated sites.

Rodger Payne, Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, and Director of Religious Studies at the University of Louisiana, is researching saints' cults in southern Louisiana which have migrated from, or have been influenced by cults in Europe.

Jan Glowski at Ohio State University is an art historian who manages the Huntington Archive, which consists of around 300,000 photographic images of Buddhist objects.

Bill Powell works on sacred space in China.

TASC is a cooperative of about two dozen scholars, contributing from fifteen countries of Europe and beyond to a database and electronic atlas of saints' cults.

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