The Saints and Sanctity theme of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative brings together a number of research teams
and individual scholars, all of whom are working on projects relating to very different regions and cultures around our globe.
They have in common a commitment to make their datasets freely available,
using the resources of ECAI.

ECAI acts as a clearing-house for databases and digital libraries.
It also provides a means by which data, text and image can be linked to electronic maps via the Time-Map software (GIS, Geographic Information Systems) developed at the University of Sydney.

ECAI's administrative base
is at the University of California at Berkeley,
Division of International Studies
and its founder is Professor Lew Lancaster.

Click on the red button for details of projects underway in this field within ECAI's ambit.
Click on the green button for background reading and materials on 'saints' and 'sanctity'.

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