Leicestershire dedications: A searchable dataset

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A searchable sample of the TASC project database taken from the coverage of the archdeaconry and county of Leicester within the pre-Reformation diocese of Lincoln - is accessible from this page for teaching and demonstration purposes.

Please read these Guidance Notes first before accessing the sample and/or search engine.

Leicester University Learning Technology Group has set up a Database Sample from the Leicestershire material so far recorded. The dataset is linked to a Search Engine for teaching and demonstration purposes.

The database allows examination not only of the devotions within individual parishes and groups of parishes (and indeed within individual churches), but also of cases where medieval devotions exhibit spatial distributions not easily explained.

Like all TASC datasets, the Leicestershire sample is itself still in progress and represents an intermediate stage in the construction of the dataset which has now been overtaken. This explains the relatively large number of records dated 1790 and sourced as 'Lloyd', and for which earlier information should now be sought in the appropriate downloadable dataset.

Sample, analytical maps from the GIS coverage are also available, but these are not interactive, and transfer to the Web in compressed-file format has led to unavoidable degradation of the images. (However, the maps can be downloaded to your hard disk or to floppy, and then viewed properly in a graphics application such as Paint Shop Pro.)

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