[ELH] Dr Graham Jones: Introductory links to Celtic Studies

Official bodies, interest groups and commercial organisations

Every Celtic Thing on the Web, compiled by the pseudonymous Angus Og, is just that. Compendious, informative, and inclusive. It is not designed specifically as an aid to academic studies, however. Use it like a library catalogue or a telephone directory.

Academic associations

Celtic Studies Association of North America on-line bibliography, based at the University of California at Los Angeles.

University and research institutions, and study programmes

Europe: British Isles


University of Exeter, Institute of Cornish Studies.

Institute for Irish Studies, University of Liverpool.

Ireland, Eire, Republic of

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies. Also DIA.

University College, Cork.

University College, Dublin.

University College, Galway, Faculty of Celtic Studies. Also Celtic Studies faculty and another Home Page URL

St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Department of Old and Middle Irish

Ireland, Northern

Queen's University, Belfast.

University of Ulster, Centre for Irish and Celtic Studies. Also Research

St Mary's University College, Belfast, Irish Medium Education.

Isle of Man

Centre for Manx Studies, Douglas (part of the University of Liverpool)

Studeyrys Manninagh e-Journal


Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen Universities.

University of Aberdeen, Department of Celtic.


University of Wales, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.

University of Wales at Aberystwyth, Celtic Studies.

European Mainland


Marburg, Philipps-Universitaet, Veroeffentlichungen Prof. Dr. Poppe, Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft und Keltologie.


Uppsala University.



University of Sydney


North America


University of Toronto, St. Michael's College.

St Francis Xavier College, Department of Celtic Studies. Also SF faculty

Canadian Celtic Arts Association, Celtic Studies Programme.

LCTL language courses: Breton. This page lists language classes for Breton at colleges and universities in North America.

United States of America

The American Conference for Irish Studies: Irish Studies Programs in the United States.

University of California at Berkeley. Also courses of interest to medievalists

University of California at Los Angeles.

Harvard University.

University of Pennsylvania.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a partnership with University College, Galway, Ireland.

University of New Mexico.

State University of New York. Index of medieval resources at SUNY at Stony Brook and on the web.

Catholic University of America, Center for Irish Studies.

Madog Centre, University of Rio Grande, Ohio, where Welsh is taught and the Welsh heritage celebrated in an area of Welsh migration.

LCTL language courses: Breton. This page lists language classes for Breton at colleges and universities in North America.

Major research projects


Locus, the project at University College, Cork, in which Fr Edmund Hogan's Onomasticon Goedelicum (Dublin, 1910), is being revised, enlarged and updated into the new Dictionary of [Irish]Placenames. This page also has a number of useful links to other sites.

Texts on-line

Celt, the Corpus of Electronic Texts at University College, Cork.

Inscribed stones

Celtic Inscribed Stones, a database under construction by a programme of international collaboration, and based at University College, London.

Illuminated manuscripts

The Book of Deer, a site devoted to two projects in connection with the Pictish monastery of Deer and the illuminated manuscript with which it is associated.



Ainm, Bulletin of the Ulster Place-Name Society.

Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies, edited at the Department of Welsh, University of Wales at Aberystwyth, by Patrick Sims-Williams.

Celtica, (DIAS)


Éigse, from the Faculty of Celtic Studies at University College, Cork.

Journal of Celtic Linguistics

Journal of Celtic Studies


Yorkshire Celtic Studies

Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie

On-line dictionaries

On-line dictionaries

Y Geiriadur Ymledol, An expanding dictionary of Welsh for speakers of English.

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