[ELH] Bristol's medieval churches: St Werburgh's

St Werburgh's lay in the corn market to the west of the Norman town's crossroads. Perhaps significantly, Bristol Bridge over the Avon was at one time known as Warborough's, leading to the possibility that the saint's cult had arrived at Bristol as early as the first or second decade of the tenth century, since Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, planted relics of this Mercian royal saint at Chester and Derby, as part of her scheme to enlist Waerburh as a protector of Mercia's borders against the Danes. Waerburh was also commemorated in a dedication at Bath, further east along the Avon, part of Mercia's border with Wessex.

Pictures of, and information about St Werburgh's can be found on Phil Draper's web-site cataloguing Bristol's churches, by clicking here.

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