[ELH] Bristol's medieval churches: St Ewan

St Ewen's, Bristol, was part of the inheritance of the daughter of Robert fitz Hamon. St Owen's, Gloucester, was dedicated at the request of the grandson of its probable builder, Roger de Pitres. Both men were active in the last years of the eleventh century. Both were constables of the two towns' respective castles. Fitz Hamon had property in both cities. Insular interest in St Audoenus, bishop of Rouen and friend of St Eligius, began c. 950, but the association at Gloucester must be territorial - Pitres is only a few miles south-east of Rouen. The fitz Hamons were also active in the area of Rouen, but otherwise the connection between the saint and the commonality of the two churches through their castellan owners remains to be fully explained.

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