[ELH] Bristol's medieval churches: St Augustine the Less

St Augustine the Less, the smaller church to the east of the abbey (since 1542 the cathedral), is said to have been founded as a chapel for those living within the abbey precincts, perhaps soon after the abbey's foundation c. 1140. Its vicars, recorded from 1249, were appointed by the abbot and convent, and the church was rebuilt by them in 1480. However, the position of the church and the polygonal appearance of its yard might repay some detailed attention, since it is conceivable that the yard represents the reuse of a plot predating the twelfth-century (?re)foundation of the monastery. This is worth exploring also in view of references to a chapel of St Jordan in the abbey yard and the possibility that its dedication might commemorate a companion of Augustine of Canterbury. (The smaller church in the top right of the picture is St Mark's, the Lord Mayor's Chapel.

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