[ELH] Dr Graham Jones, Landscape History - an extended reading list

This is an extended reading list (well, more a mini-bibliography from which you should concentrate on chosen themes - you are not expected to read everything!). Moreover, it is in process of compilation and is therefore selective. Details are given of where copies of particular items can be found, either in the libraries of the Marc Fitch Historical Institute (TR = Topography Room, FL = Fitch Library (Reading Room), MR = Map Room, DC = Dyos Collection), or in the Main Library of the University.

St Mary's, Bottesford. Picture by Andy Tryner Photography (Alfreton, DE55 6EJ) appears in Melton Borough Council / Leicestershire County Council leaflet, Framland Church Trail.
General Specific periods Specific themes Specific zones

Landscape History: general

Michael Aston, Interpreting the Landscape (London, Batsford, 1985). MAIN H942.02 AST [WEEKLY]

Michael Aston and Trevor Rowley (eds), Landscape Archaeology: An introduction to fieldwork techniques on post-Roman landscapes(Newton Abbot, David and Charles, 1974). MAIN 942.01 AST

Maurice Beresford, History on the Ground: Six studies in maps and landscapes (London, Lutterworth Press, 1957). MAIN H942.02 BER

O(sbert) G(uy) S(tanhope) Crawford, Archaeology in the Field (London, Dent, 1953). MAIN 930.10285 CRA

Paul Everson and Tom Williamson (eds), The Archaeology of Landscape: Studies Presented to Christopher Taylor (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1998). MAIN 936.1 EVE

Della Hooke (ed.), Landscape, The Richest Historical Record (Society for Landscape Studies, Supplementary Series 1, 2000). MAIN (Weekly)

W. G. Hoskins, English Landscapes (London, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1973). MAIN 914.2 HOS

W. G. Hoskins, The Making of the English Landscape (1955, reprinted with illustrations, and commentary by Christopher Taylor, London, Guild Publishing, 1988). TR and MAIN H942 MAK2/HOS

J. T. Coppock, An Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales (Revised edn, London, Faber and Faber, 1976). MAIN 914.2 COP

Richard Muir, The New Reading the Landscape: Fieldwork in Landscape History (Exeter, University of Exeter Press, 2000).
    Chapters cover the following: 1. Woodlands, Forests and Parks; 2. Landscapes of Colonisation; 3. Lines in the Landscape; 4. Routeways; 5. Status, Authority and the Landscape; 6. Landscapes of Belief; 7. Villages, Hamlets and Farmsteads; 8. Reading the Fieldscape; 9. Defence in the Landscape.

Oliver Rackham, The History of the Countryside (London, J. M. Dent & Son, 1986, reprinted 1990). MAIN 910.942 RAC [WEEKLY]. This volume is complemented by...

Oliver Rackham, The Illustrated History of the Countryside with photographs by Tom Mackie (London, George Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994, pbk Phoenix Illustrated, 1997).

Peter Edwards, Farming: Sources for Local Historians (London, Batsford, 1991). TR

For comparisons

Rebecca Yamin and Karen Bescherer Metheny (eds), Landscape Archaeology : Reading and Interpreting the American Historical Landscape (Knoxville, Tenn., University of Tennessee Press, 1996). MAIN 930.1 LAN

Landscape History: specific periods

Trevor Rowley (ed.), Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Landscape: Papers presented to a symposium, Oxford 1973 (Oxford, British Archaeological Reports, 1974). MAIN 936.1 BRI/BS/6

Della Hooke, The Landscape of Anglo-Saxon England (London, Leicester University Press, 1998). MAIN 942.01 HOO

Della Hooke (ed.), Anglo-Saxon Settlements (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1988). MAIN 942.01 ANG

Della Hooke, Anglo-Saxon Landscapes of the West Midlands: the Charter Evidence, British Archaeological Reports 92 (Oxford, BAR, 1981). MAIN 936.1 BRI/BS/95

Della Hooke, The Anglo-Saxon Landscape, the Kingdom of the Hwicce (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1985). MAIN 942.01 HOO

The Making of Britain Series

Trevor Rowley, The Norman Heritage 1066-1200, (London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983). MAIN

Trevor Rowley, The High Middle Ages, (London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986) MAIN H942 MAK1/ROW [WEEKLY]

Michael Reed, The Age of Exuberance (London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986) MAIN H942 MAK1/REE [WEEKLY]

Michael Reed, The Georgian Triumph (London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983) MAIN H942 MAK1/REE [WEEKLY]

G(ordon) E(dmund) Mingay, The Transformation of Britain, 1830-1939 (London, Paladin, 1987)MAIN H942 MAK1/MIN

Landscape History: specific themes

Settlement and land-use by period Land-use by theme Landed units and boundaries Settlement morphology Urban landscapes Place-names Ritual and religious features Hydrology
Landscape architecture Industry and mining Trade and communications Cartography and aerial survey Landscapes of war Building Design Reviews Mentalité

Settlement and land-use by period

Prehistoric Romano-British Anglo-Saxon Medieval Enclosure


Joan Thirsk (gen. ed.), The Agrarian History of England and Wales (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1967-). TR and MAIN D42.1 AGR
  1.1, ed. S. Piggott (1981)
  1.2, ed. H[erbert] P[atrick] Finberg (1972)
  2, 1042-1350, ed. H. E. Hallam (1998)
  3, 1348-1500, ed. Edward Miller (1991)
  4, 1500-1640, ed. Joan Thirsk (1967)
  5, 1640-1750, ed. Joan Thirsk. Pt.1, Regional farming systems (1984) [WEEKLY],
   Pt.2, Agrarian change (1985) [WEEKLY]
  6, 1750-1850, ed. G. E. Mingay (1989)
  7.1, ed. E. J. T. Collins (1999)
  7.2, ed. E. J. T. Collins (1999)
  8, E. H. Whetham (1978) [SHORT LOAN]

Brian K. Roberts, Rural Settlement in Britain (London, Hutchinson, 1979). MR

Nigel Harvey, The Industrial Archaeology of Farming in England and Wales (London, B. T. Batsford, 1980). TR 55.1 HAR

Christopher Taylor, Village and Farmstead: A history of rural settlement in England (London, Philip, 1983). TR; 942 TAY [SHORT-LOAN]

Grenville Astill and John Langdon (eds), Medieval Farming and Technology: The impact of agricultural change in North-West Europe (Leiden, Brill, 1997). TR 55.4 AST. Includes
  Grenville Astill, 'An archaeological approach to the development of agricultural technologies in medieval England', pp. 193-224.

Grenville Astill and Annie Grant (eds), The Countryside of Medieval England (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1988). TR 55.4 AST. Includes
Grenville Astill, 'Rural settlement: the Toft and the Croft', pp. 36-61.
Grenville Astill, 'Fields', pp. 62-85.
Paul Stamper, 'Plant resources', pp. 108-127.
Paul Stamper, 'Woods and parks', pp. 128-148.

Michael Aston, David Austin and Christopher Dyer (eds), The Rural Settlements of Medieval England (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1989). MAIN H942.4 RUR [SHORT-LOAN / WEEKLY]

Trevor Rowley, Villages in the Landscape, Archaeology in the Field series (London, J. M. Dent, 1978). TR.

Carenza Lewis, Patrick Mitchell-Fox and Christopher Dyer, Village, Hamlet and Field: Changing medieval settlements in central England (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1997. TR.

Prehistoric periods

Adrian Challands, 'Thoughts on the survival of pre-Iron Age landscapes in the East Midlands', Landscape History 4 (1982), pp. 5-10.

James Pickering, 'Aerial archaeology and the prehistoric landscape', Landscape History 1 (1979), pp. 10-5.

Andrew Fleming, 'The prehistoric landscape of Dartmoor: wider implications', Landscape History 6 (1984), pp. 5-20.

Anthony H. Ward, 'Cairns and cairn fields; evidence of early agriculture on Cefn Bryn, Gower, West Glamorgan', Landscape History 11 (1989), pp. 5-18.

Romano-British period

Michael Fulford, 'The landscape of Roman Britain: a review', Landscape History 12 (1990), pp. 25-32.

P. J. Fowler, 'The countryside in Roman Britain: a study in failure or a failure in study?', Landscape History 5 (1983), pp. 5-10.

Brian Dix, 'The Roman-British farmstead at Odell and its setting', Landscape History 3 (1981), pp. 17-26.

Philip Dixon, 'Catastrophe and fallacy: the end of Roman Britain', Landscape History 6 (1984), pp. 21-6.

Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods

Margaret L. Faull, 'Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement patterns in Yorkshire: a computer-generated analysis', Landscape History 5 (1983), pp. 21-40.

Anglo-Saxon period

Richard Reece, 'Continuity on the Cotswolds: some problems of ownership, settlement and hedge survey between Roman Britain and the Middle Ages', Landscape History 5 (1983), pp. 11-20.

Martin G. Welch, 'Rural settlement patterns in the early and middle Anglo-Saxon periods', Landscape History 7 (1985), pp. 13-26.

W[illiam] J. Ford, 'Some settlement patterns in the central region of the Warwickshire Avon', in P. H. Sawyer (ed.), Medieval Settlement, Continuity and Change (London, Edward Arnold, 1976), pp. 274-94.

Edwina Proudfoot and Christopher Aliaga-Kelly, 'Place-names and other evidence for Anglian settlement in south-east Scotland', Landscape History 17 (1995), pp. 17-26.

Burl Bellamy, 'Anglo-Saxon dispersed sites and woodland at Geddington in the Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire', Landscape History 16 (1994), pp. 31-8.

Rosamund Faith, 'Tidenham, Gloucestershire, and the history of the manor in England', Landscape History 16 (1994), pp. 39-52.

Rosamund Faith, 'Hides and Hyde Farms in central and southern England: A preliminary report', Medieval Settlement Research Group Annual Report 13 (1998), pp. 33-38.

Medieval period

P. H. Sawyer (ed.), Medieval Settlement, Continuity and Change (London, Edward Arnold, 1976). MR

Susan Oosthuizen, 'Medieval settlement relocation in West Cambridgeshire: Three case studies', Landscape History 19 (1997), pp. 43-56.

Brian K. Roberts, 'The Great Plough: A hypothesis concerning village genesis and land reclamation in Cumberland and Westmorland', Landscape History 18 (1996), pp. 17-30.

A. E. Brown, 'Burton Lazars, Leicestershire: A planned medieval landscape?', Landscape History 18 (1996), pp. 31-46.

Christopher Taylor, 'Dispersed settlement in nucleated areas', Landscape History 17 (1995), pp. 27-34.

Christopher C. Taylor, 'Medieval rural settlement: Changing perceptions', Landscape History 14 (1992), pp. 5-18.

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Maurice Beresford and John Hurst, Wharram Percy, Deserted Medieval Village (New Haven, Yale University Press, 1990). TR.

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Tim Unwin, 'The Norman aggregation of estates and settlements in eleventh-century Nottinghamshire', Landscape History 9 (1987), pp. 53-64.

Medieval and early modern periods

Robert A. Dodgshon, 'The evolution of Highland townships during the medieval and early modern periods', Landscape History 20 (1998), pp. 51-64.

Richard Muir, 'The villages of Nidderdale', Landscape History 20 (1998), pp. 65-82.

Colin Thomas, 'A cultural-ecological model of agrarian colonisation in upland Wales', Landscape History 14 (1992), pp. 37-50.

Martin S. Briggs, The English Farmhouse (London, B. T. Batsford, 1953). TR 60.43 BRI

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P. S. Barnwell and Colum Giles, English Farmsteads 1750-1914 (Swindon, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, 1997). TR 60.43 BAR.

Cover illustration from David Hall, Medieval Fields, q.v.

Land-use by theme. See also Settlement and land-use by period.

Field systems and arable farming Enclosure Pasture Woodland and parks Marshland

Field systems and arable farming

Christopher Taylor, Fields in the English Landscape (Rev. and updated edn, Stroud, Sutton, 2000).

David Hall, Medieval Fields, Shire Archaeology 28 (Princes Risborough, Shire Publications, 1982).

Alan R. H. Baker and Robin A. Butlin (eds), Studies of Field Systems in the British Isles (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1973). TR. Includes
  Joan Thirsk, 'Field systems of the East Midlands', pp. 232-70.

Howard Levi Gray, English Field Systems (London, The Merlin Press, 1969). TR

David Hall, The Open Fields of Northamptonshire, Northampton Record Society 38 (1990-2) (Northampton, 1995), includes
  'Open fields and their records', pp. 1-7,
  'Open Field operation', pp. 8-35,
  'Methods of reconstruction of Open Field Plans', pp. 36-50,
  'Field types', pp. 51-65,
  'The demesne', pp. 66-76,
  'The medieval farm, the yardland', pp. 77-94,
  'Land use and resources', pp. 95-106,
  'Estates', pp. 107-124,
  'Origin of open fields', pp. 125-139,

Mats Widgren, 'Strip fields in an Iron-Age context: a case study from Vastergotland, Sweden', Landscape History 12 (1990), pp. 5-24.

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Angus and Owen Davies, 'English agriculturalists' attitudes towards grassland vegetation, 1780-1914: an ecological perspective', Landscape History 18 (1996), pp. 71-80.

Woodland and parks

Oliver Rackham, The History of the Countryside (London, J. M. Dent & Son, 1986, reprinted 1990). MAIN 910.942 RAC [WEEKLY]

Complemented by...

Oliver Rackham, The Illustrated History of the Countryside with photographs by Tom Mackie (London, George Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994, pbk Phoenix Illustrated, 1997).

Oliver Rackham, Ancient Woodland: Its history, vegetation and uses in England (London, Edward Arnold, 1980). MAIN 910.942 RAC

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Oliver Rackham, 'Documentary evidence for the historical ecologist', Landscape History 1 (1979),

Oliver Rackham: See also 'Specific zones'

P. A. Stamper, 'The medieval forest of Pamber, Hampshire', Landscape History 5 (1983), pp. 41-52.

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Landed units and boundaries

Landed units Boundaries
Landed units

D. J. H. Michelmore, 'The reconstruction of the early tenurial and territorial divisions of the landscape of Northern England', Landscape History 1 (1979), pp. 1-9.

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Boundaries, including charter bounds

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  Phil O'Hare, 'Yorkshire boundaries and their development', pp. 9-24;
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Settlement morphology

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Resource for Urban Design Information at Oxford Brookes University, has pages devoted to urban morphology.

Urban landscapes


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Specific themes

John K. Walton, The English Seaside Resort. A social history 1750-1914 (Leicester, Leicester University Press, 1983) DC.

Specific localities

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Resort towns

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Ritual and religious features

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