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An image of timeless popular devotion

The worshippers are Romanian - but their attitude of devotion could locate them, differently attired and in varying settings, in any village of Christian Europe before the Reformation and in many countries today.

Photograph published in Icaro, magazine of Varig, Brazilian Airlines.

Research programmes

Trans-National Database and Atlas of Saints' Cults, TASC

Towards an Electronic Atlas of Saints' Cults (England and Wales)

Saints' cults in Catalunya

with downloadable datasets

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative


On-line aids for the study of saints' cults

Sources for saints' cults in England

Saints at a Glance

Modelling a typical saint's cult

Harnessing geographical methods

Some case histories

St Magi of Brufaganya

St Morrell of Hallaton

St Gabriel of the Tur Abdin

St Helen of the Cross

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