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20th Anniversary of the Discovering of DNA Fingerprinting: Journalists' Visit, Wednesday, September 8

Venue: Meeting Room, First Floor, Adrian Building, University of Leicester


10:30-11:00    Arrival in Adrian Building for Press Meeting with Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, Royal Society Wolfson Research Professor at the University of Leicester.

11:10    Welcome by the Head of the Department of Genetics Dr Annette Cashmore who will provide an overview of the Department.

11:30     Question and Answer session with Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys

12:30    End of Q&A session. Members of the London Correspondents will proceed to a tour of the Department of Genetics. A separate itinerary is in place for members of the London Correspondents Unit. 

Programme for  Broadcast journalists and still photographers only:

There will be an opportunity for radio interviews with Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys between 12.30pm-12.45pm in the meeting room.  Television crews and still photographers will, in the mean time, be permitted to set up in Professor Jeffreys lab.

12.45pm-13.30pm    Filming/interviews in Professor Jeffreys lab: access is limited and crews will be permitted to proceed to the lab in turn. Each crew will be allowed approx 5 minutes for filming/interviewing Professor Jeffreys in his lab. 


Media pack available at:

Enquiries to: Ather Mirza, Press Office, 0116 252 3335; mob 07711 927821

Directional Note to the University of Leicester and Map of Campus:


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