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  Link to Swift website at the University of Leicester (latest updates, pictures)


NASA delays Swift launch

Invitation to a live screening of the launch of NASA's Swift Mission at the National Space Centre

NASA Schedules Swift Spacecraft Launch - November 17 Launch Date for Mission with University of Leicester

Media Briefing on NASA's Newest Gamma-Ray Burst Mission October 2004

Counting Down  to the Swift Launch  PPARC, October 2004

Countdown to the Launch of Swift  PPARC, October 2004

Astronomers Look Forward to 'Swift' Studies of Cataclysmic Explosions   April  2004

Dazzling Halos Illuminate our Dusty Galaxy January 2004

Message in Space Tribute to University of Leicester Engineer October 2003 

See also: 
Unprecedented Tribute Paid to University of Leicester Scientist - Memorial Plaque to be Carried on Spacecraft University of Leicester News, October 2004

Astronomers Unravel Mystery of Gamma Ray Bursts April 2002

British Scientists Chosen for Key Role in NASA Swift Satellite  October 1999


University of Leicester's SWIFT website

SWIFT UK (from October 25, 2004)

NASA's SWIFT website

NASA's media website - for TV and live internet coverage

NASA - images

Mullard Space Science Laboratory's Swift webpages

Goddard Space Flight Centre - images


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