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Swift, a pioneering mission set to investigate gamma-ray bursts, the most powerful phenomena in the Universe, is due to launch on 17 November, 2004.   


The UK has been involved in Swift since 1998, when it was first proposed. The University of Leicester has provided a state-of-the-art X-ray camera, while the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College, London has provided a UV/optical telescope. Scientists at both institutes, elsewhere in the UK, and around the world are looking forward to the results from these instruments. They will revolutionise gamma-ray burst science, and may allow us to see further back in time than ever before.


The National Space Centre in Leicester is the only science visitor attraction in the UK to join the international gamma ray burst network, which will enable it to receive notification of burst alerts from Swift  in real time as they occur.    


You are invited to attend a live screening of the launch on:


Date:  Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Time:  15h00

Venue:   The National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester LE4 5NS




15h00 - 15h45          Presentations by:

Dr Julian Osborne - Senior Research Fellow, University of Leicester:  The Unique Capabilities of Swift


Dr Alex Blustin - Research Fellow in Gamma-Ray Burst Science at MSSL-UCL:  The UK Contribution to Swift


Professor Michael Bode - Director of the Liverpool Telescope Project, Liverpool John Moores University: UK Rapid Ground-Based Follow-Up Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts


15h45 - 16h00         Opening of the Swift Exhibition


16h00 - 17h00         Countdown and refreshments


17h00 - 18h00         View launch in Space Theatre


18h00 - 18h15         Live telephone link with Professor Alan Wells, UK Lead Investigator on the X-Ray Telescope, at Cape Canaveral


18h30                     Close



To confirm attendance, please contact Clare Masters - telephone 0116 258 2107or email by Monday, 15 November, 2004. 



The National Space Centre, funded by the Millennium Commission, is the UK's largest attraction dedicated to the excitement of space. Its other founding partners include The University of Leicester, Leicester City Council, the East Midlands Development Agency and BT. 



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