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Latest news and information on mission with University of Leicester involvement

NASA has set the launch of the Swift spacecraft for no earlier than Saturday, 20 November. The one-hour launch window opens at 12:10pm EST.

Mission managers are meeting this afternoon (Friday 19 November) to confirm the work necessary for a Saturday launch attempt is on schedule and no additional issues have arisen. Overnight, workers determined the Range Command-Receiver Decoder equipment on the launch vehicle is the likely reason for the voltage variance seen earlier in the week. Workers will gain access to the equipment today and replace the necessary parts. The system will be retested on Friday.

For recorded launch status, media can call: 321/867-2525.

For information about NASA, Swift and other agency operations on the Web, visit:


Peter Barratt - PPARC Press office, telephone 01793 442025, mobile 0787 9602899,

Gill Ormrod - PPARC Press Office, telephone 01793 442012, mobile 0781 8013509,


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