Self Assessment

This grid is intended to help you identify your level of confidence, knowledge and understanding related to the area of magnets and magnetism. You can work either on your own or with a partner to identify areas for further development of your science subject knowledge.

Note the date of initial completion of the grid and return to it after you have conducted further study in this area.

A Menu of Opportunities

Scientific Area MAGNETISM

Can you ......



Area for further development

state where you would find magnets in the home?






describe what is a magnet? Material and structure.






describe the parts of a bar magnet?






name three materials that are attracted to a magnet?






describe clearly to a friend how a bar magnet will behave when placed next to the end of another bar magnet?

What will happen if it is placed next to the other end of the magnet?








Scientific Area MAGNETISM

Can you ......



Area for further development

explain how you would use a compass to show that the Earth has a magnetic field?






state the only reliable test of a permanent magnet?






explain how to make a magnet to a Year 4 child?






explain the phenomenon of induced magnetism?






explain what happens to the broken parts of a bar magnet which has been broken in half?






explain to a Year 2/3 child why magnets must be stored with the keepers on?






state clearly the safety issues related to magnets which you would alert to your Year 6 class?






explain how you would demonstrate to a friend that:

a) a with an electric current flowing through it produces a magnetic field?

b) a wire which is moved through a magnetic field can generate an electric current?

c) name given to the phenomena described in a) and b) above?






list three ways in which you would make the magnetic field, around a coil of wire carrying an electric current, much stronger?






use Fleming's Left-hand rule to predict the direction of the force created by a wire carrying an electric current in a magnetic field?






name three devices in your home which use electro-magnets?






History of magnetism, What is a magnet
What do magnets do, Test for a magnet
Magnetic fields
The Earth's magnetic field
Theory of magnetism
Induced magnetism
Magnetic properties of iron and steel
Storing magnets
Making a magnet
Primary science applications
Fleming's Left Hand Rule
Comments, reflections and study action plan