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Optic nerve

Pinhole camera

Pinhole camera



Pin hole


What happens when you mix blue and yellow paint?

You get green paint.

No you don't you get a dirty greeny brown colour?


Why is the shadow I get when I shine my torch at an object always fuzzy?

You always hold the torch to far away from the object.

If you don't do it in a dark room it will always be fuzzy.

Its because the torch is not strong enough


We see the light from the Moon because the Suns light is reflected from it.

That is not true it is scattered not reflected.

That is not true either it must be reflected because it is a sharp image.

I think it is reflected as well because the light from it is white light so nothing is absorbed.


Is the image in all cameras upside down?

I think it is and I think it is the wrong way around as well.

Do you mean its like a reflection



Light does appear to travel in straight lines
Light can differ in intensity and wavelength
The distinction between reflection and scattering, How images are formed in a mirror
The colour of an object depends on the wavelength of light that it scatters
Objects are seen when light enters the eye through the pupil