Measuring current.

If an ammeter is placed at different positions in a series circuit as below, it will give the same reading in each position:

This shows that the current is the same everywhere in a series circuit. The current is not therefore consumed, it is the same in all parts of the circuit. The fact that the current is not 'used up' is a source of surprise to many people. Many expect there to be less current in the circuit after it has gone through the first bulb but this is not the case.

A parallel circuit behaves differently, e.g.

The current is not the same in all parts of the circuit. The current put out by the battery divides up between the different branches of the circuit. In this particular case, if all the bulbs are identical.

If A1 = 6 Amps, A6 = 6 Amps

A2 = 4 Amps, A5 = 4 Amps

A3 = 2 Amps, A4 = 2 Amps


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