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Classroom Organisation for Primary Science - Video

This video considers different organisational strategies for teaching science in the primary classroom.  These include managing whole-class introductions and practical invest-igations as well as different types of groupwork.  Advantages and disadvantages of each organisation are presented.  Viewers are encouraged to think about how to choose the most appropriate strategy.  The video particularly focuses on the need for organisation before a lesson and how the teacher might optimise the learning and assessment of the children during the activities.  The video is illustrated with a variety of classroom examples.

Target groups

The video is primarily for tutors and teacher-mentors to use with student teachers, although newly-qualified teachers should find it of value.  It is suitable for watching individually or in group sessions. 

It is divided into sections to allow natural breaks for group discussion.  As the video is densely packed with information, student teachers may benefit from repeated viewings.


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Price: £6.00 each
VHS, 20 minutes

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