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Booklets on Cross-Curricular Science


From 2007-2009, nearly 100 teachers from 27 schools in the city of Leicester have been part of an EU project, Pollen: Seed cities for science, a community approach for a sustainable growth of science education in Europe, to develop innovative cross-curricular hands-on primary science.  There is one ‘seed’ city in each of 12 countries.


The intention is to support European schools to raise standards in investigative science by trialling a variety of activities and sharing practice between teachers and trainers.  Every ‘seed’ city had the aim of promoting practical investigative work making use of local organisations, industries and facilities.  Each city also had an additional element to develop:  in the case of Leicester, this was for teachers to develop creative cross-curricular links.  Four booklets illustrating their practice have been produced.


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Cross-curricular Hands-on   Primary Science (Autumn 2006)

Cross-curricular Hands-on Primary Science: Science & Art (Spring 2007)

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Cross-curricular Hands-on Primary Science: Sport & Science (Autumn 2008)

Cross-curricular Hands-on Primary Science: Geography & Science (Spring 2008)

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Published 2007-2009

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