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Sculpture: Born to be Free by Anat Golandski

Sculpture in the Garden 2004

The University of Leicester is pleased to present the work of a range of distinguished international artists in the Harold Martin Botanic Garden.

The exhibition pays tribute to the talent and creativity of the artists, as well as displaying the vision and imagination of those entrusted with the care of the Garden. In supporting this exhibition the University is making two statements. The first is that the arts matter and that one responsibility of the University is to recognise this and ensure the best is made available to as many people as possible. The second is to reinforce the University’s relationship with the community and the region.

I hope that the art and the gardens give pleasure and enlightenment to many over the summer months. Finally, I would like to thank the sculptors who have loaned their work to the University for the benefit of us all.

Professor Robert Burgess
Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester

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