Injuries to the skull 1 - 2

1. Large hole underneath back of skull.

The largest injury is this hole where part of the skull has been completely sliced away. This could only have been caused by a large, very sharp blade wielded with some force. Whilst it is not possible to prove exactly which kind of weapon caused this injury, it is consistent with a halberd or something similar. An injury like this would have been fatal.

2. Wound on right base of skull.

A second potentially fatal injury, visible in the same photograph, is a jagged hole at the top of the image (i.e. the right side of the skull). A sword or similar bladed weapon has been thrust through the bone. Close examination of the interior of the skull revealed a mark opposite this wound, showing that the blade penetrated to a depth of 10.5cm.

The skull showing the wound to the right cheek

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