February 2013 news roundup

New York Times

22nd February 2013

By Matt Bolton

Richard III statue in the Castle Gardens in Leicester

Royal Remains Draw the Curious to Leicester

“The man with the job of protecting the most famous parking lot in the world was having a busy day a couple of weeks ago.”

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22nd February 2013

By Ather Mirza, Head of Press Office, University of Leicester

Press crews gathering for the Richard III announcement at the University of Leicester

King Richard III was a press man's dream, but the furore drew criticism

Lessons from the University of Leicester News Centre's coordination of the global media upon the discovery of a long-lost English King

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University of Leicester

15th February 2013

The Search for Richard III: Statement of Costs up to 31 December 2012

University of Leicester announce the costs of the Richard III project

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15th February 2013

By Naresh Persaud, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Security

King Richard III: Villain, Hero, Or Tragic Victim Of Identity Theft?

“While Richard III breathed his last more than 500 years ago, the investigation to authenticate Richard’s identity demonstrates authentication techniques every business can apply.”

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British Library: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Blog

5th February 2013

By Nicole Eddy

Extra! Extra!: Richard III Lyth Buryd at Lecitor

“Those of us who were standing by to hear from the University of Leicester team can remember that it was not journalists but chroniclers who got the scoop.”

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Everyone wants a piece of Richard III

Press and media across Britain (and around the world) have been desperate to find their own local connection to the Richard III story – and some connections are very tenuous indeed!

Possibly the finest example of tangential local connection was in the Powys County Times. Under the headline ‘Newtown firm help identify car park remains as King Richard III’, the paper proudly announced that a local firm had manufactured the clinical swab used to take a DNA sample from Michael Ibsen’s mouth.

Other fearless bandwagon-jumpers include:

Northampton: Rare manuscript of pre-Shakespearean play about Richard III is owned by Northamptonshire County Council

Armagh: First, Richard III; next, digging up Tyrone’s priestly king from an Armagh car park?

Teesdale: Dale can cash in on links to Richard III

Market Harborough: Richard III painting to go on auction in Harborough

Diss, Suffolk: Eye family tree with link to Richard III

Saltash: Do mysterious remains belong to Cornwall's 'Richard III'?

Gravesend: Richard III promotes summer performance in Gravesend car park

Skipton: Richard III saga puts Skipton Castle in the spotlight

Penrith: Another Richard III resting place?

Bristol: Severn saved Richard for a time

New Zealand: Kiwi defenders of Richard III celebrate discovery

Canada: TV’s Killing Lincoln arrives in time for Richard III discovery

Hollywood: Richard III’s bones identified right as ‘House of Cards’, based on Richard, debuts

And a special mention must go to the Stratford Herald for this magnificent headline:

Body of ex-Warwick Castle owner found under a car park 527 years on

Press conference, 4 February 2013

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The Daily Mash - 8th February 2013

Richard III's beauty blog

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The Daily Squib - 8th February 2013

Madonna to Play Richard III In New Movie

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The New Yorker - 5th February 2013

Rupert Murdoch emerges as winning bidder for Richard III’s bones

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The Onion - 4th February 2013

'Well, That Was Cool,' Say Archaeologists Before Dumping Bones Of King Richard III Back Into Hole

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