If you would like to learn more about the project, why not investigate the search for Richard III in greater depth?

To date, seven peer-reviewed articles have been published by the team, covering everything from the archaeology, to Richard III’s trauma, scoliosis, genetics and genealogy, diet and intestinal parasites:

A number of popular books on the project have also been published:

Or why not try:

  • ASHDOWN-HILL, J. (2013) The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA. Stroud: The History Press.
  • BALDWIN, D. (1986) ‘King Richard’s Grave in Leicester’ (PDF, 546KB) in Trans. Leics. Arch. & Hist. Soc. 60, pp21–4.
  • BALDWIN, D. (2013) Richard III. Stroud: Amberley Publishing.
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  • ELKIN, K. ed. (2015) Medieval Leicestershire: Recent research on the Medieval Archaeology of Leicestershire. Leicester: Leicestershire Fieldworkers monograph No 3.
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  • MORRIS, M., BUCKLEY, R. & CODD, M. (2011) Visions of Ancient Leicester. Leicester: ULAS.
  • O’SULLIVAN, D. (2013) In the Company of PrSeachers: The Archaeology of Medieval Friaries in England and Wales. Leicester: Leicester Archaeology Monograph 23

For children:

  • ADAM, R. & POVEY, A. (2014) The Children’s Book of Richard III. Leicester: The Reading Shop.

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