To quote Mathew Morris “It’s good to be back!”

Posted on 3 July 2013 by Charlotte Barratt - Richard III Outreach Officer
Part of the Victorian wall is removed prior to excavations starting.
Heavy machinery working across the whole site at Grey Friars
The tarmac is taken up at the Grey Friars site.

The team are already uncovering some fresh archaeology including more Medieval tiles.

I visited the dig site today (Wednesday) and the team all agree that it's great to be back at Grey Friars. Its already been was busy few days as the site is prepared for the new dig.

Part of a Victorian wall, which separates the former Alderman Newton School and 6-8 St Martins, has been carefully taken down. Removing part of this wall will allow the team to continue the excavation by joining the grave site with the original church trench and help us to learn more about the Greyfriars church. The wall will be partly rebuilt once the dig is complete.

When I went there I saw the lorries coming and going and the heavy machinery was lifting tarmac and removing the layers of soil back down to the medieval church level. The hard work is already paying off and are beginning to see the structures and features of the Greyfriars church again. So far there have been more discoveries of floor tiles, much like the ones found last year and more window tracery. The heavy machinery should finish moving soil in the next day all being well and the more detailed archaeological excavations will begin.

There is another new find to report. There is a pair of nesting peregrine falcons on the tower of Leicester Cathedral. Apparently they weren’t there last year but they are certainly making their presence known. You can hear them quite clearly from the dig site and see them perching on the pinnacles of the tower or chasing pigeons away.

Both of our interns are now inducted and getting their hands dirty on site. Claire and Emma are with us throughout the whole of July and will be blogging at some point as well.

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