Leadership Development for Principal Investigators

Action Learning for Principal Investigators

Are you a Principal Investigator or Research Leader?

Are you facing a challenge or problem associated with this role that you would like to address?

If so, you may be interested in the Action Learning Programmes for PIs
that will shortly be running in the East Midlands Region.

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An online resource to support the leadership development of Principal Investigators

Newly appointed PIs are expected to lead and manage a research team, secure new research grants, liaise with stakeholders, publish, respond to with institutional issues and agendas, and maintain and develop their own research expertise. Frequently they simultaneously carry out a range of teaching and administrative duties too.

This resource aims to help new Principal Investigators navigate the bewildering array of leadership and management responsibilities that come with this role. It provides guidance and support in five key areas:

It has been developed by the University of Leicester, University of Cambridge and Loughborough University in partnership with Imperial College London, the London School of Economics and University College London. Funding was provided by HEFCE's Leadership, Governance and Management Fund.

The project aimed to:

  1. Build from the results of the national survey of Research Careers and Research Leadership and local PI focus groups to identify the training, support and development needs of new PIs;
  2. Provide a template for institutions to use in benchmarking their support to PIs; and
  3. Provide an example development and support programme for new or inexperienced PIs.

These online resources provide specific guidance and support on the leadership and management of research within the context of UK higher education. A key feature is their explicit focus on the issues identified by PIs in a large-scale survey and in local focus groups. Issues are exemplified through the use of case studies, scenarios and quotations provided by real PIs.

In addition to the numerous principal investigators who have contributed to the project, we have also received valuable guidance and support from Research Councils UK, the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, the Higher Education Academy, UK HERD (Higher Education Researcher Development) and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

Date Updated: 22-Feb-2008