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What Do Trance Lyrics Really Mean?

July 2003

English Professor tunes into club culture

Medieval English Professor Greg Walker got in the groove with the word on the street to assess the literary merits of the latest club mixes.

The University of Leicester academic, from the Department of English, has just examined trance music hits for Mixmag - the world’s biggest clubbing and dance magazine.

Professor Walker, Director of University of Leicester’s Medieval Research Centre, has an article in the July issue of the magazine in which he reviews the lyrics of a number of songs.

“It’s not often that a Professor of English finds himself in the pages of a dance music magazine,” says Professor Walker. “But when I was invited by Mixmag to review the lyrics of some recent trance-music hits, I was happy to oblige.

“The resulting feature ‘What Do Trance Lyrics Really Mean?’ appears in Mixmag’s July issue. “I’m more of a Jethro Tull man, myself - but a couple of the songs that they sent me for ‘marking’ were really quite good.”

Assessing the lyrics of Warrior, by Warrior, Professor Walker writes: “I like this one! Like the best medieval lyrics, it’s simple. The subject matter is optimistic and uplifting.” He graded this track a Merit.

However, he is a little more scathing of Matt Darey’s ‘Beautiful’: “Hmm. Problematic on a number of levels - but not without its merits. This time the structure is rather more, er… experimental. You probably had to be there.” He graded it as a Marginal Fail.

Angelic’s ‘It’s My Turn’ written by Judge Jules is graded a Pass. Professor Walker said: “Rather than simply tell a story, the author also tries to work in a poetic touch. I know being a judge can be thankless, but one would hope for less bitterness from Julesey.”

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, ring Professor Walker on 0116 252 2628 email

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