[Press and Public Relations] Welcoming the Family: University of Leicester Reception for Parents of New Students

September 2001

No 132

The 'empty nest syndrome' is something dreaded by many parents about to lose sons and daughters to student life. Knowing a little bit about the university where they will be living and working for the next few years can do a lot to alleviate the sense of isolation.

Following the success of its first reception for parents of new students last year, the University of Leicester is expecting about 2,000 people at a similar event on Sunday 23 September 2001. Parents who are delivering their sons and daughters to the University can mingle with other families, meet members of staff and learn a little about the place where they will be staying.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Burgess, Head of Student Welfare Clare Taylor will be two of the University officers who will speak to all the parents about the University. So will Nigel Siesage, who runs the University's Family Programme, which enables parents and relatives to actively keep in touch with the University and to take part in events.

Clare Taylor said: "This is a transitional period for both students and their parents. We try to make it as smooth as possible, and to offer appropriate interventions when they are needed. It is important that parents as well as students are aware of the extensive support systems provided by the University, and more importantly, how to use them.

"Parents often play a significant part in funding their children's education and want to be involved without being intrusive. The family programme is an excellent idea as it enables parental involvement - without being intrusive."

The receptions will take place on Sunday 23 September at half hourly intervals from 2 pm to 5 pm in the Charles Wilson Building at the University. Families will also be able to pick up leaflets to help them tour the campus, and several departments and buildings will be open.

Note to editors: Further information can be obtained from Mr Nigel Siesage, Principal Assistant Registrar, University of Leicester, telephone 0116 252 2436, email Nigel.siesage@le.ac.uk or Ms Clare Taylor, 0116 223 1187, email cft3@le.ac.uk.

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