[Press and Public Relations] University of Leicester Team to Investigate Use of CCTV

January 2002

No 2

The University of Leicester Scarman Centre has received its biggest ever research award, a prestigious 1.5m contract for the evaluation of CCTV initiatives funded under the Home Office Crime Reduction Programme.

The project will be headed by Centre Director Professor Martin Gill, who said: "Despite the growth in CCTV around the country there has been very little emphasis on rigorous evaluation.

"For example, we still do not know for sure the types of settings in which CCTV is most likely to be effective, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. We see this project as a major step forward in filling this gap."

An interdisciplinary research team including Professor Peter Fisher (Geography) and Dr Ziggy MacDonald (Economics), who helped in the design of the research, will play an important role alongside Scarman Centre staff in the management of the project.

The evaluation, which will take three years, began in October, and will look at the various ways in which CCTV initiatives work to reduce crime. It brings together considerable expertise in the fields of evaluation, statistical crime analysis, and the use of geographical information systems to investigate crime, and provides an exciting opportunity to inform policy and practice relating to crime reduction in the UK.

Seventeen CCTV initiatives throughout England have been chosen for evaluation. They are to be installed in a number of different settings, including car parks, residential areas and town centres.

Each aims to address a specific crime problem identified in that area.

A wide range of both qualitative and quantitative information about each scheme will be collected by a team of nine fieldworkers headed by Polly Smith and Angela Spriggs, who have worked with Martin Gill on another evaluation study. The research will also include independent public attitude surveys to investigate fear of crime and the effect of CCTV on public behaviour.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Professor Martin Gill on 0116 252 5792.


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