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University of Leicester Research is Praised in House of Lords

July 2003

Research conducted at the University of Leicester has been cited and praised in the House of Lords.

A guidance document on reducing the risk of student suicide written for Universities UK by Dr Annie Grant, Director of the Educational Development and Support Centre, was commended by The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath.

He said: “The recommendations outlined in the report are aimed at the higher education sector as a whole and at individual higher education institutions. It is an extremely useful report. My department will encourage the NHS to offer support to higher education institutions in taking the recommendations forward.”

Lord Hunt added: “I very much endorse Part 5 of the report about good practice on how higher education institutions should respond to student suicides and attempted suicides.”

During the debate on the subject, Lord Hunt also added: “I certainly agree that the training of staff is very important. Personal tutors and counselling services have a big role to play in universities. The points made in part 4 of the report on training and awareness-raising are particularly appropriate. I commend that to individual institutions.”

Research by Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon, formerly of the Department of Psychology, has also received Government recognition.

Dr Brooks-Gordon has been involved in briefing MPs and peers dealing with The Sexual Offences Bill 2003 on its passage through parliament. One of the peers with whom she had been working, the Lord Richard Faulkner, mentioned her work at the University of Leicester during a parliamentary debate. This can be read in the Official Report of the House of Lords.

Dr Brooks-Gordon added: “I was proud that the University was mentioned in Hansard on this occasion. It has been a real pleasure to work for the University of Leicester the past three and half years, firstly setting up and developing the ATSO Course in the Forensic Section and then nurturing a research group with the NHS grant and my PhD students alongside my teaching of Qualitative Methods Courses and Social Psychology. I have enjoyed working with all of my colleagues and will miss my associations here - although I am sure that my research collaboration will continue and be of benefit to the School and the University.”

'...What research there has been into the sex industry - there is a strong case for the Government to conduct their own inquiry, alongside the excellent work of many academics, such as Belinda Brooks-Gordon of Leicester University - shows that it is safer for the industry to be conducted indoors, rather than on the streets. The incidence of violence against women who look for business on street corners or in alleyways is many times greater than when the business is done in indoor premises, such as flats, hotel rooms and massage parlours…'
House of Lords' Official Report

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