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UKeU's eLearning Platform to Support New Healthcare eLearning Project

December 2002

No 279

UKeU, the government-backed company set up to provide online degrees from UK universities, today announces its involvement with the UK Healthcare Education Partnership. The Partnership will be developing a range of eLearning opportunities, aimed at healthcare professionals, which will run on UKeU’s eLearning platform.

The Partnership is a consortium which comprises the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), City University, the University of Leicester and the University of Ulster. Established a year ago, the Partnership aims to transform healthcare education in the UK. Working with UKeU, it will draw together the academic, technological and professional expertise needed to develop, deliver and support high quality, online learning for healthcare professionals.  UKeU and the Partnership will also look to exploit international opportunities.

John Beaumont, Chief Executive of UKeU said, “We are delighted to be working with the RCN and City, Leicester and Ulster universities which have formed the UK Healthcare Education Partnership.  This is an exciting and important initiative, and a true partnership.  The online learning opportunities which the Partnership are developing will provide an ideal vehicle for those working in healthcare to achieve professional and academic excellence.  I believe UKeU’s technological solutions, operational service and support, and understanding of eLearning will make a real contribution to the Partnership’s success.”

Chair of the Partnership and RCN Executive Director for Nursing, Alison Kitson said, “This is fantastic news. We believe this project is at the cutting edge of learning and professional development. Our vision is to broaden and deepen access to learning for healthcare professionals and through that make a difference to patient care.”


About UKeU

UK eUniversities Worldwide (UKeU) was established in May 2001 to market and support the online provision of degree courses from UK universities to students outside of the UK and businesses worldwide.  UKeU also has a mandate to help widen access to higher education in the UK.

UKeU is on track to launch its first degrees online in spring 2003.  These include courses from the University of Cambridge and The Open University, the University of York, Sheffield Hallam University, and the University of Ulster.

UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited is the operating company of eLearning Holding Company Limited, whose shareholders are UK universities and colleges. Through the holding company, UK colleges and universities have granted UKeU a licence to deliver their courses online.  UKeU is backed with £62m of funding from the UK government, which is committed through to 2004.  Revenues will be earned from fee income from enrolling students.  For more information visit

For further information contact:

Tracey Lambert
Head of Communications
Telephone 020 7932 4430
UKeU Mobile 07766  368657

Gladys Elia      
Telephone: 020 7467 9302

Liz Clark/Alison Kitson
The UK Healthcare Education Partnership
Telephone: 0207 647 3633

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