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Those That Got Away

March 2003
No 64

Lecture at University of Leicester looks at award-winning designer's art- that never made it

Some of the greatest designs that never were will be revealed by one of the design world's leading figures at the latest Peach Memorial lecture, organised by the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society in association with the University of Leicester.

The lecture, entitled Those That Got Away...(The Designs That Never Reached the Market), will be given by Kenneth Grange, a man particularly qualified to give the lecture, as organiser Alwyne Dean explains:

“Kenneth Grange is the founder of Pentagram Design, a leading international design company, and a highly respected, internationally known industrial designer, so we are very fortunate to welcome him to the University of Leicester. The talk would be particularly beneficial to those studying design, at university or school level.”

Mr Grange, who received the CBE in 1969, is legendary for his achievements. They include:

·   The Intercity 125 locomotive

·   The revamped London taxi

·   The Kenwood Chef AZ01 food mixer

·   The Kodak instamatic camera

·   Parker pens

·   Disposable razors

However, Mr Grange has also organised exhibitions on his designs that never made it to the market - and it is these that will be the subject of his lecture. The designs include:

-   The glugging bottle

-   The PostModern toaster

-   The Coffin bookcase

-   The Eurostar train ...amongst others

The lecture is the first time the Peach Memorial series has involved the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society with the University. The lectures are held in memory of Harry Hardy Peach, a former president of the Society and a prominent figure in the history of design, who was famed for his efforts to bring art and design into the world of industry.

The lecture will be held at the University's Rattray Theatre on Wednesday, March 12 at 5.30pm, is free and open to all members of the public.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Hilary Lewis on 0116 270 5889 or Alwyne Dean on 0116 271 3453 .

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