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June 2002
No 138

Sophisticated Equipment To Be Brought In To Uncover Hidden Objects


Industrial equipment will be put through its paces at the University of Leicester tomorrow (Friday June 28) in a test that is equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack!

University geologists have 'hidden' all kinds of equipment underground at its Stoughton Road, Oadby, site - providing a challenge for industry to locate the items.

Tubes, beams, sheets, spheres and cubes made of metal, concrete, brickwork and plastic are the major targets.  Sizes range from a golf ball to pits 10 metres long and 2 metres deep.

The test sites have been developed and funded by the EIGG (Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group) of the Geological Society of London and the University of Leicester.

Dr Ian Hill, senior lecturer in geophysics at the University of Leicester, said: "Each structure on the sites is defined in detail with plan and section drawings as necessary.  The targets comprise a variety of different shapes and sizes of objects made from different materials.  

"People will be using equipment to locate and map the objects. Exhibitors will be on-hand all day to discuss and explain their latest instruments and the data that they provide.  A number of presentations will give an overview of the scientific principles behind the geophysical methods on display.  Techniques used to 'discover' the objects include ground penetrating radar and seismic reflection."

Dr Hill said Shallow Geophysics had many applications including Environmental, Engineering, Hydrology, Mining and Industrial Minerals and Waste management.

Exhibitors include Allied Associates Ltd, Bartington Instruments, Campus International Ltd, Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd., Geosoft, IRIS Instruments as well as the University of Leicester.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For further information contact Dr Ian Hill, Telephone: 0116 252 3933 Email:

The Test Site is at the University grounds on Stoughton Road, Oadby. Best time for a picture is 11.30 am 2.30pm on Friday June 28.

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