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The Art of Beauty - More Than Skin Deep

March 2003
No 62

New exciting show of the work of Rubertine Allen opens in the Gallery of the University of Leicester Centre, Barrack Road, Northampton.

Rubertine Allen is the artist exhibiting her paintings in the Gallery as part of the Adult Learners Week show throughout the month of May at the University of Leicester's Northampton Centre.

Rubertine is ideally placed to represent the Adult Learner since she received an Adult Learners Award when she studied at Northampton College.

Her work is colourful and expresses the female form. She remarks “As a female black Artist of African Caribbean descent I enjoy drawing and painting the human form, in fact I am quite passionate about this kind of subject - no two persons are the same skin tone and this is the challenging part of the artistic experience.

“I am interested in the beauty of the black female and try to express this in my work. As I cannot get away from the fact that I too am black and naturally this is the focus of my work recently.

When I paint someone I try to get under the feel of his or her skin and express something of their personality. Using models either myself or other sitters provides me with the stimulus and it results in different styles of painting.The work currently on show are all paintings executed from life with a few taken from photographs.

“This is a veritable tradition” remarked Gerald Porter, Director of Studies at the University of Leicester' s Northampton Centre when he saw these canvasses recently, “the work speaks volumes about the long tradition of the female artist and the attempts they have made to show us what it is like from a female perspective.”

The exhibition is open to the public from May 2 until May 30 at the Centre in Leicester Terrace, Barrack Road, Northampton, and telephone 01604 251801 for further details.

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