[Press & Publications] Filling Up With Emotion [Computing; Children; Medical; Science]

April 2000

No 75

A child psychiatrist from the University of Leicester has devised a unique computerised test - to measure emotions.

Dr Andrew Parkin, Senior Lecturer in Child Psychiatry at the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, University of Leicester, presented his research involving the use of computerised technology in the assessment of childhood relationships at a special reception at the House of Commons on 10 April.

He demonstrated how the test - How I Feel About Others - can be used to assess children's and young people's perceptions of relationships.

Dr Parkin, whose work was initially supported by the Wellcome Trust, said: "'How I Feel About Others' is designed to be used with children and young people from 7 to 16 years. The young person is asked about a series of emotions, for instance sad, happy, angry and proud, and asked to quantify how they feel about close relatives and peers and how they would like to feel about them.

"The young person can quantify the 'amount' of each emotion by using a child-friendly scale. This is represented by a jug that appears on the computer screen which can be filled to a level that seems applicable.

"This test can be used to assist the assessment of young people with mental health needs, and relationship difficulties. It can also be used to analyse the results of treatment given and as a basis for further research."

In carrying out the research into the compilation of 'How I Feel About Others', Dr Parkin has worked with other academics at the University of Leicester, clinicians in the Leicestershire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and over 100 families in Leicestershire and Rutland.
  • 'Science, Engineering and Technology 2000' (SET 2000) is designed to promote Britain's younger scientists, engineers and technologists and Dr Parkin's presentation formed part of a day entitled 'Taking SET to the House of Commons.'
  • NOTE FOR NEWSDESKS: For more information, please contact Dr Parkin on 0116 225 2891 or leave a message on 0116 225 2880.

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