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May 1999

No 75

A recent visit to a UK university by a delegation from Taiwan, Republic of China, has led to more formal collaboration between police training in two universities.

The University of Leicester Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order recently welcomed visitors from the Central Police University, Taiwan, headed by Professor Mark Chen, Commander General of the Police Cadet Corps

The delegation travelled to Leicester to meet Scarman Centre staff and to see the University and its facilities, before the Centre's Director designate, Dr Martin Gill, and Senior Lecturer Mr Andrew Willis concluded an arrangement to promote formal collaboration between the Scarman Centre and the Central Police University of Taiwan.

Dr Gill commented: "We are seeking to create a unique partnership which is based on bringing together best practice in international police training with the highest level of academic expertise. This is a modest beginning but we are looking to create a formal institutional link between the Scarman Centre and the Central Police University."

Professor Yung-Ching Lee, Director of Foreign Affairs at the Central Police University, said on leaving: "We came to the UK to visit just one University - Leicester University because it is the home of the Scarman Centre. We knew it by reputation and everything we have seen and heard has confirmed our view about its status and standing. We are delighted to be moving towards a formal link between our two institutions."

The delegation had previously attended the valedictory ceremony for the International Commanders' Programme at the Police Staff College, Bramshill, where they were met by Professor John Benyon, Director of the Scarman Centre, with Mr Andrew Willis.

The ICP offers strategic-level training for police officers from around the world. It leads to a University of Leicester Postgraduate Certificate, with the possibility of converting this award to a MSc in Criminal Justice and Police Management.

Peter Hermitage, Director of National Police Training, presented certificates to the students. In his address he paid special tribute to Professor Benyon, who is shortly to step down as Director of the Scarman Centre. He went on to acknowledge the importance of introducing "academic standards" into police training and he commended Leicester University's commitment to a partnership with NPT and Bramshill in the provision and accreditation of the international training course.

Professor Benyon responded by saying: "The ICP offers senior police officers a unique experience, including the opportunity to explore British policing in theory and practice, to develop their approach to policing from an international perspective and to plan strategically for the future of policing in their own country."

For further details contact: Andrew Willis, Senior Lecturer, Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order, University of Leicester, UK, Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5781 (office); +44 (0)116 279 3726 (home); Fax: +44 (0)116 252 5766; Email: aw9@le.ac.uk.

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