[Press and Public Relations] Star-Studded Summer: Graduates Selected for Space Research Programme

September 2001

No 124

Three University of Leicester Physics graduates have been selected for the International Space University's (ISU) Summer Session Programme, which this year is held at the University of Bremen, Germany.

Mark Bentley, Helen Wilson and Hazel McAndrews are all spending July-September getting to grips with the universe, trained by international experts to become future leaders in space research.

The intensive summer programme covers technical and non-technical aspects of space research, including space and society, space business and management, space policy and law, space system architecture and mission design, space engineering, space resources, satellite applications, space physical sciences and space life sciences.

Space research is becoming increasingly international and commercial, demanding new skills. At ISU students all follow this complete range of space-related programmes, helping them to understand the complex inter-disciplinary nature of their subject.

They are also encouraged to cross the boundaries of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, leading to greater international co-operation on future space programmes. Mixing with international experts, more than 1200 ISU Summer Session alumni and academics from the host university and elsewhere helps to create an excellent professional network for ISU students from the outset of their career.

Hazel McAndrews from Farnborough said: “The subjects covered here at ISU are a natural extension of my studies at Leicester and meeting people from across the globe who study and work in the space field has been a fantastic learning experience - not to mention a lot of fun!"

Mark Bentley, from Milton Keynes said: “The Summer Session Programme is renowned for being hard work, and believe me, it is – but already I can tell that the group of people I have met will be my friends and colleagues for a long time to come.”

Note to editors: Further information is available from Mark Bentley, telephone 07974 754054, email M.S.Bentley@open.ac.uk and Hazel McAndrews, email HAZEL.MCANDREWS@SSP2001.UNI-BREMEN.DE

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