[Press and Publications] US Students Working with Leicester's Sports Clubs

March 2001

No. 36

University of Leicester link provides opportunities for New York students in sports management.

An innovative link between the University of Leicester, UK, and St John's University, New York City, USA, has produced an unexpected bonus for St John's students spending a semester at Leicester.

The eight St John's undergraduate students, who are studying with the Leicester Centre for Research into Sport and Society, have all taken internships with the City's premier sports clubs. Three are with Leicester City Football Club, one is with the Tigers Rugby Club (Leicester Football Club) and four with the Leicester Riders Basketball Club.

Normally, St John's students take 18 credit hours each week to study sports management, and at Leicester they divide these hours between 12 spent at the University and the remaining six with an internship.

Professor Anthony Missere, of St John's University, first came to Europe 30 years ago as a professional basketball player in Italy. The experience taught him at first hand how international sport is, and when he took up the post of Director of the Sports Management Program at St John's he came back to Europe in 1998 to discuss the development of an international curriculum for his students. After thoroughly investigating various European programmes, he chose the University of Leicester for the partnership that would best suit St John's.

The curriculum is now running successfully after three years' preparation.

Mr Paul Beavitt, a member of the University of Leicester International Office with special responsibility for the US, said: "We are delighted that this programme is proving such a success. The University is widely acclaimed for its research into a range of sports issues and the city is equally known for its professional sport, so it is good that the visiting US students can take advantage of this."

Ed Miller, one of the St John's students who is working with the Tigers, said: "I must say that working with the Tigers has been a great experience so far. In addition to assisting various departments within the rugby club, including ticketing, corporate sales and promotion, I have also been allowed to sit in on various team and league meetings. Those meetings gave me a real perspective on how a successful sports team is run. I have also been able to meet many of the players and coaches, all of whom have been extremely friendly and 'down to earth'.

"David Clayton, the Managing Director of the club, who has co-ordinated my internship, has also allowed me to work closely with him, exposing me to a lot of different tasks. David has taught me much about the business world in Britain and I have added my 'American' input on many of his projects. The experience has simply been fantastic and I always look forward to going down there."

Professor Missere added: "Today the sports industry demands that anyone working in sports management be experienced globally, either on the professional level and/or during their academic preparation. The University of Leicester is the only university, in partnership with St John's, that could achieve this end."

Note to Editors: Further details on the University of Leicester's links with US universities are available from Paul Beavitt, International Office, University of Leicester, UK, tel +44 (0)116 252 2255, email pb2m@admin.le.ac.uk

For more details on the University of Leicester Centre for Research into Sport and Society contact Dr Ivan Waddington, Co-Director, Centre for Research into Sport and Society, University of Leicester, UK, tel +44 (0)116 252 5935, email iw11@lle.ac.uk

More information on St John's is available from Professor Anthony Missere, Director of the Sports Management Program, St John's University, 8000 Utopia Pkwy, Jamaica, NY 11439, USA, tel (718) 990 7391, email misserea@stjohns.edu

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