[Press & Publications] Space School Lifts Off in Leicester

February 2000

No 30

The University of Leicester has become the new venue for the Space School UK 2000.

The Space School, which was formerly hosted at Brunel, the University of West London, runs two residential courses each year. It was founded over ten years ago for students from 14 years upwards who have an enthusiasm and interest in all aspects of Space and Space Travel.

Since January 2000 Space School UK has been based at the University of Leicester with Professor Martin Ward taking over the directorship from Professor Heinz Wolff.

Sponsored by British Industry and the Government through the British National Space Centre, it offers the young scientists of the future a chance to meet some of the key people working in space research today.

"The main reason for the move is that the University of Leicester is home of Europe's largest campus based Space Research Centre and is closely associated with the unique educational Challenger Learning Centre, recently praised by Lord Sainsbury, UK Minister of Science and Innovation. The Challenger Learning Centre is one of the core components of the National Space Science Centre, funded by the Millennium Commission and a joint initiative of the University of Leicester and the City Council," explained Professor Ward.

"The 100 students who will attend the Space School from April 16-20, 2000, will be able to investigate a host of space-related topics and will learn about Mars, ET life, our solar system, supernovae, telescopes, satellite communications and Isaac Newton straight from the mouths of the experts," he added.

As part of a hectic learning programme, lasting from breakfast to 9pm, they will also have the chance to make a 'virtual' trip to Mars, take charge of mission control, or visit a space shuttle through the Challenger Learning Centre.

They will also be making their own rockets, to be launched from a 'top secret' site deep in the heart of Leicester.

Space School UK 2000 will also run from July 30 - August 3.

Information is available from Jean Collins, Space School UK, Space Research Centre, University of Leicester LE1 7RH, telephone 0116 2522675.

Note for editors: For further details please contact Jean Collins, telephone 0116 2522675, facsimile 0116 2522464, email jco@star.le.ac.uk

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