[Press and Public Relations] Singapore Students Make A Difference In UK

October 2001

No 150

The University of Leicester Singapore Society has successfully organised a "Pretty in Pink" party in support of the worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event was held at the University's Students' Union on 9 October 2001 and guests were encouraged to dress up in pink.

The society's Treasurer, Guntur Eric Prihadi, who reads Business Economics at the University, said, "We are going to spend the next couple of days calculating how much has been raised. We will gather feedback from the committee and then decide on ways to move forward."

Eugene Koh, the society's President, who is with the Faculty of Engineering, added, "The aim of this event was really to do something small but significant for society at large. It also helped that we could have fun at the same time. We hope that other Singapore societies globally but not necessarily student groups will do something similar and help make a bigger difference."

According to Eugene, the money raised will be handed over to the Singapore High Commissioner to the UK who will then be requested to donate it to any charity that supports breast cancer awareness. Such an arrangement will give other Singapore Societies based in the UK an opportunity to have similar "Pretty in Pink" events and possibly add to the amount that has been raised. He hopes many will take the initiative and that the media - both in Singapore and UK - will support their efforts.

The University of Leicester Singapore Society Committee was supported by Dharmendra Yadav, a law student at the University currently on a year's placement with Go MAD Ltd, a personal development consultancy that specialises in helping individuals & organisations to develop their ability to make a difference.

Dharmendra said: "The Singapore society saw an opportunity here to make a difference and possibly encourage others to do the same. As a result, they involved me in their efforts and tapped my experience as a charity fundraiser in UK. My efforts were also strengthened by support from my company and this has been most motivating!"

Media Contacts:

Adrian To, Vice President, University of Leicester Singapore Society Tel: 07775 773328, Website: http://go.to/leicester, Email: aft3@le.ac.uk

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