[Press & Publications] Shake, Rattle and Roll!

March 2000

No 39

As part of National Science Week the University of Leicester is hosting one lecture that is sure to have you quaking in your boots!

Dr Mike Lovell, from the Geology Department will, on March 21, be discussing earthquakes, the most exciting and awe inspiring of natural phenomena.

Dr Lovell will be addressing the core questions of what earthquakes actually are, why they occur and why some regions have more than others. And as cities such as San Francisco await with trepidation the next 'big one' he will also be informing us whether in fact we get 'the quakes' in Britain.

Given in Lecture Theatre Two of the New Building from 7.30 to 8.30pm, this hour long talk promises to give renewed insight into the seismic shifts that are constantly reshaping the planet on which we all live, and hint at the ways in which science might in the future be capable of predicting such natural catastrophe.

National Science Week, exploring science, engineering and society, takes place from March 17-26. Lectures are open to all and free.

The University of Leicester is organising a wide variety of events - find out more by ringing 0116 252 2674, or check out the University web site news and events section on http://www.le.ac.uk

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