[Press and Public Relations] School Planning - An Alternative to Sound and Fury

February 2002

No 33

An alternative to current, counter productive planning in schools will be put forward in a public lecture at the University of Leicester on 19 February 2002.

In his inaugural lecture as Professor of Educational Management at University Centre, Northampton, Professor Les Bell will explore the forms in which strategic planning has been adopted in schools in England over the last fifteen years, concentrating particularly on the influence of current government policy, notably school improvement planning.

Professor Bell will consider the conceptual assumptions and the inherent weaknesses that underpin current policy, especially those derived from an overemphasis on the role of the head and a narrow focus on school improvement.   He will also discuss the barriers that hinder the implementation of strategic planning.

His argument will be that planning in schools in its current form is counter-productive, but that an alternative approach can be identified.

He has chosen to call his lecture, Strategic Planning and School Management : “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”?  Explaining this, he said:  “The title is taken from a Shakespearean play that revolved around plans that have evil outcomes. This metaphor is used throughout the lecture to explore how far planning in schools is ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’  (Macbeth, Act V, Scene V).”

The lecture will take place on Tuesday 19 February 2002.at 5.30 pm in Lecture Theatre 1, Ken Edwards Building, University of Leicester main campus, University Road, Leicester. It is open to the public and free.

Note to Editors: Further information is available from Professor Les Bell, Professor of Educational Management, University of Leicester, telephone 01604 251816, email lab19@le.ac.uk

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