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September 1999

No 153

Home Office minister Paul Boateng MP is to give the keynote speech at an international University of Leicester conference, looking at how to balance risks to the public with the rights of people with personality disorders.

The Conference is aimed at psychiatrists, psychologists, and other clinicians who are involved in diagnosing psychopaths, and also at lawyers working with mental health and civil liberty cases.

The experts taking part include Professor Robert Hare of the University of British Columbia, Dr Nigel Eastman from St George's Hospital, Professor Michael Gunn of Nottingham Trent University, Dr David Thomas of the Institute of Criminology, Professor Digby Tantam from Sheffield University and Professor Conor Duggan from the University of Leicester and East Midlands Centre for Forensic Mental Health.

Topics will include risk assessment and mental health professionals, rights of personality disordered offenders, the best way to protect society and the limitations and dangers of the method used to assess offenders - the PCL-R.

Following the conference of October 19, there will also be a series of workshops on October 20, 21 and 22. A one-day basic workshop will look at topics including the assessment and diagnosis of psychopathy; research on reliability and validity of the methods used; the management issues and why standard treatments are ineffective with psychopaths, and the implications for criminal justice and mental health systems.

It is the second such series of workshops to be held at the University.

"Such was the positive feedback and demand for spaces on last year's event that we decided that this training opportunity should be repeated. If anything, interest in this area has increased, stimulated especially by the Government Consolation Paper on options on how to manage those with severe personality disorder and dangerous behaviour. This broadens debate considerably, which is why we have also decided to precede the PCL-R training with the one-day conference", said one of the organisers, Professor Conor Duggan.

For two days participants can attend advanced workshops which will cover detailed administration and scoring of the checklist systems PCL-R and PCL-R:SV used to diagnose psychopathy; an overview of assessment procedures; illustrations of issues involved in scoring; the writing of psychopathy reports and presentation of results in court, and case presentations and a self-score written exam.

The workshops will be presented by Professor Hare and Professor David Cooke or the Douglas Inch Centre in Glasgow.

The fee for the conference is 165 (including lunch). The one-day basic workshop is 100, and 300 for the two-day advanced workshop. For further information and registration tel. Victoria Cochrane on 0116 252 2471 / 3332.

NOTE TO NEWSDESKS: Paul Boateng will be speaking in the morning, October 19, at the Grand Hotel, Leicester. The workshops October 20-22 are at the University of Leicester Gilbert Murray Hall. For further information please contact Professor Conor Duggan tel. 0116 225 6060.

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