[Press & Publications] Risk Management: An International Journal

February 2000

No 33

  • Senior Managers will end up in prison for unsafe practices
  • The key for successful entrepreneurs is effective risk management
  • The private sector leads in managing disasters

    Risk Management: an International Journal, which is edited by staff at the internationally renowned Scarman Centre at the University of Leicester is released today.

    It contains a clear message to businesses the world over - think about different risks carefully. Dr Tina McGuinness, co-editor says, 'Not doing so can lead to financial ruin and periods in prison for senior managers'.

    Professor Chris Clarkson, a lecturer in Law at the University, presents a compelling discussion of how an organisation can find itself open to prosecution in the event of injury or death to an employee or members of the public; companies do engage in dangerous and unsafe practices. Whilst some companies are fined, senior managers may find themselves open to criminal charges and face going to prison.

    All those involved in business will know through experience that risk can come from both outside the organisation and within. John Sparrow and Patrick Bentley discuss how important it is for entrepreneurs to understand risks properly if they are to be the successes of tomorrow.

    What do J Sainsbury and Coventry City Council have in common? They both are keenly aware of the potentially catastrophic impact of disaster upon their organisation. Elliott, Herbane and Swartz conclude that there is much the public sector can learn from the private sector.

    Ken Allison of Reliance, who sponsor the journal says, 'If we are serious about wishing to develop good practice in risk management, then we need to learn from others. These findings are timely and they must be heeded'.

    Further information is available from co-editors Dr Tina McGuiness, 0116 252 5708, or Dr Martin Gill, 0116 252 5709. Or the publishers 0116 221 7777.

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