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Raga at the RAC

November 2002

Indian dance tuition open to all at University of Leicester arts centre

The University of Leicester is teaming up with a leading South Asian arts organisation to provide evening classes for people interested in learning Indian dance.

The Richard Attenborough Centre, part of the University’s Institute of Lifelong Learning, will work with tutors from the Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD). Participants in the open-access course will learn the basics of different styles of Indian dance from the classical and folk traditions. Elements of these form the basis of more popular Indian dance as exemplified in Bollywood.

Richard Attenborough Centre spokesperson Steven Pegg said: “Indian dance truly lights up the calendar in modern-day Leicester, particularly at festivals such as Navratri, Divali and during the Belgrave Mela. It is a colourful, diverse and accessible art form. We are thrilled to be working with CICD, which has been a pioneering organization for Indian dance in the UK, to encourage members of all communities to take their first steps in Indian dance irrespective of their age, ethnic background or ability.

“The last few years have seen dance styles from around the world really take hold in this country. We hope these classes will appeal to people who’ve been part of the salsa or jazz-dancing craze, for example, and who want to have a go at something different. Having said that, they will also be enjoyed by people with no dance experience whatsoever, and are accessible to people with disability, since many aspects of South Asian dance emphasize things like gesture and facial expression without requiring especially strenuous bodily movement.”

Enrolments are being taken now. Classes will be held on Thursday evenings over 11 weeks commencing January 16, 6.00 to 7.30pm, at the University of Leicester Richard Attenborough Centre, Lancaster Road, Leicester, telephone 0116 252 2455.

For press information, contact Steven Pegg at the Richard Attenborough Centre. Telephone 0116 252 2455. Email

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