[Press and Public Relations] Prestigious Award Takes LeicesterResearcher To Ancestral Homeland

October 2001

No 162

Probe into corporate responsibility in industrialising societies

A University of Leicester student has won a prestigious international scholarship that will allow him to pursue his legal studies as well as visit his ancestral homeland.

Kulvinder Sidki, from Leicester is presently studying for his PhD in the University of Leicester's reputed Law Department - and he has now won a scholarship from the Association of Commonwealth Universities to study at the Indian Law Institute in New Delhi, India.

This will allow him to pursue his research into corporate social responsibility and multinational enterprise accountability - a course of enquiry arising from the 1984 Bhopal tragedy, one of the worst industrial accidents in history.

Kulvinder, 26, said: "In an era of economic globalisation and increasing foreign investment in developing countries, the need for greater corporate social responsibility and accountability has become paramount.

"Focusing on the notion of justice for victims of industrial accidents, my thesis will propose a fundamental change in legal policy to enhance the corporate social responsibility and accountability of parent companies based in the developed world for alleged breaches of human rights and environmental degradation in developing countries."

He added that his research in India would provide access to important literature and dialogue with prominent academics that have been engaged with the issues arising from the Bhopal accident.

"Furthermore, the visit will allow access to the important work of interest groups that represent the victims of the Bhopal accident. This will provide a greater understanding of the value of political activism as a means of raising corporate responsibility with a view to protecting the welfare of future generations and preventing mass industrial accidents in industrialising countries around the world."

Kulvinder has worked in Leicester with a firm of local solicitors and more recently as a Guidance Officer with the Overseas Graduate Development Programme helping asylum seekers and refugees obtain recognition for their overseas qualifications in order to obtain work and practice in the UK.

He has also worked as an adult tutor on the Certificate in Advice work course accredited by the University.

He said: "The University of Leicester has contributed a great deal to the achievement of this award and I am particularly indebted to my supervisor Ian Snaith whose guidance has been invaluable.

"I hope to combine hard work with travel and visit my ancestral homeland, the Punjab, as well as the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta. I hope that the visit will sharpen my perceptions about life in developing countries and provide a greater insight into the effects of encroaching global capitalism on these new industrialising societies."

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: Kulvinder is available on 0781 363 9418 or 0116 2665664 until November 4.

An electronic image of Kulvinder is available on request. Please request the image by sending an email to pressoffice@le.ac.uk

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