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Pounding the Streets for Street Children

March 2003  [Read Kim Ruddock's account of the day here
No 54

A University of Leicester student recently made a marathon effort on behalf of the street children of India.

Kim Ruddock, a third-year mass communications student, ran in the Adidas Flora London Half-Marathon at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit on Sunday, March 2.

He was raising money for the Indian children's charity SKCV (Street Kids Community Villages) and had appealed for sponsors to back him.  

Kim said: "I made the decision to run the half-marathon after my application for the full London marathon was unsuccessful. I've been running consistently for about 2 years now but only considered doing a race in the last year or so.

"I decided to raise money for the Indian children's charity SKCV (Street Kids Community Villages) through taking part in the race. The reason for my choice comes from my links with the charity through my involvement in a three-week long Dorset Youth Council trip to India made in January 1999 called 'Gateway to India'.

"Whilst in India I visited three children's charities in the cities of Delhi, Calcutta and Vijayawada (where SKCV is based) all of which were involved in some way with street children in India. The work that I carried out made me realise how privileged a lifestyle I had been born into and how lucky I was to grow up in a secure and loving family unit.

"For street kids there is no formal structure to their lives, no protection from the more unpleasant aspects of human existence. Day and night they are forced to live by their wits, having infrequent, if any, contact with their families. Charities such as SKCV are there to give these children protection, and provide an environment to allow them to grow and develop their social and practical skills so that they are given a better chance in life than the city streets could ever offer."

Sponsors can contact Kim on 07816 645 290.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Kim on 07816 645 290, email


"I had an absolutely amazing day at Silverstone, and finishing the race gave me an enormous sense of achievement - I couldn't stop grinning for at least a couple of hours after I'd crossed the finish line! 

" The atmosphere was brilliant and everybody was really friendly before and during the race and happy to give advice out to first-timers like myself. I completed the race in 1 hour 41 minutes (without stopping!) and so was really happy with my effort. 

" As far as the sponsorship goes at the last count donations were around 360 but I still have some more to come so hopefully I will be pushing the 400 mark. I want to say an enormous thank- you to everyone who agreed to sponsor me - the money is going to be well received I can guarantee!

[Photo: Kim Ruddock after half-marathon]

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