[Press & Publications] TAKING A DIP INTO THE PAST [Geology]

May 2000

No 97

Pond dipping will take on a whole new meaning for visitors to the University of Leicester where creatures over 500 million years old will be the subject of discussion.

Professor Dieter Walossek will deliver the annual address of the Palaeontological Association - the UK organization dedicated to the study of fossil life – on May 10.

Dr Mark Purnell, of the Department of Geology, said: “Professor Dieter Walossek is one of the world’s leading experts on the evolution of crustaceans – like waterfleas, shrimps, crabs and lobsters. “His work is based on some of the most amazing fossils ever discovered. They are amazing not because of their size - they are mostly about a millimetre or so - but because they look like you just fished them out of your garden pond, yet they are more than 500 million years old!

“Every detail of these tiny creatures is exquisitely preserved - minute jointed legs, hairs and complicated mouthparts. Because of this amazing detail these tiny animals have a large role in understanding what makes a crustacean and why.”

Professor Walossek will present his work on Wednesday May 10 at 1.30pm in Lecture Theatre 1 of the New Building.

For more information, contact Dr Purnell on 0116 252 3645 (email map2@le.ac.uk).

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