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Novel Idea

May 2002
No 108

The University of Leicester Teaching and Learning Unit is approaching one of the services it offers students in a highly creative way.

Novelist and short story writer, Mary Flanagan, has joined the Unit to provide guidance for graduate students on how they can best develop their academic writing skills.

While she will not be teaching fiction, the discipline and skills required for creative writing have much in common with academic writing, and the post, which has been funded by the Royal Literary Fund, will enable students to learn how to communicate their work in a refreshingly new way.

Not only does she write books of her own, but Mary Flanagan is also a regular book reviewer and feature writer in The Independent, and other national press.

Mary Flanagan said: "Writing can be hard work, but with the right sort of assistance, everyone's writing improves. One-to-one guidance is particularly effective and ensures rapid progress. The attention and objectivity of a professional author can help clarify students' ideas, establish priorities and devise an elegant structure. As students' syntax improves, they will develop a more confident and fluid style".

Note to editors: Further information is available from Richard Clark, Teaching and Learning Unit, University of Leicester, telephone 0116 252 5090, facsimile 0116 252 5111, email

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