[Press and Public Relations] Important New Roles For University Of Leicester Staff

October 2001

No 161

University of Leicester staff, some of whom serve on national Government 'think-tanks' and policy steering bodies, have been invited to serve on a number of important new groups. Among them are also leading academics who have won international recognition in their respective fields:

Professor David Jones (Epidemiology and Public Health) has been invited to join the Public Health Evidence Steering Group of the Health Development Agency.

Professor Ian Postlethwaite (Engineering) has been awarded the Sir Harold Hartley Medal 2001 by the Council of The Institute of Measurement and Council. The medal is awarded annually to an individual whose contribution to the technology of measurement and control is of outstanding merit.

Dr Rosemary Barberet (Scarman Centre) has been elected Chair of the International Division of the American Society of Criminology.

Dr Simon Bennett (Scarman Centre) has been invited by Lynn University, Florida, to serve as a member of its Emergency Management Degree Program Advisory Council.

Dr Tim Hobbs (Librarian) is to serve as a member of the Shadow Executive Board of the East Midlands Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (EMMLAC), a new cross-domain body funded by Resource: the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries. Dr Hobbs will also act as EMMLAC's contact person with resource as it further develops its regional strategy.

Dr John Mitcheson (Cell Physiology and Pharmacology) has been awarded an MRC Career Establishment grant, the first such award made to a member of the University's staff.

Dr Elaine Treharne (English) has been appointed Vice-President elect of the International Society of Anglo Saxonists (her period of service will commence on 1 January 2002).

Miss Kathy Williams (Academic Registrar) has been appointed Chair of the National Academic Registrar's Council (ARC) for the period 2001 to 2003.

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