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New Degree Addresses I.T. For 
The e-Economy

April 2003


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Leicester is offering a new MSc degree on “Software Engineering for the e-Economy” starting in the next academic year. 

Professor José Fiadeiro, director of the new degree, said: “This course will prepare a new generation of Software Engineers with methodologies and technologies for evolving and developing systems that companies and organisations can rely on for operating in an economy that is progressively dominated by the Net and Wireless communications.”

Subjects covered in the degree programme include: Web Technologies, Advanced System Design, System Re-engineering, Generative Development, Formal Software Specification, Software Measurement and Quality Assurance, Compression Methods, and Programming Secure and Distributed Systems.

The degree puts a strong emphasis in the training of the skills that will place our graduates in good stead for the job market. Professor Fiadeiro added: “Our aim is to train professionals, not users; our graduates will have a solid background and understanding of the nature and role of these new software technologies in the e-Economy; this is what will guarantee them a place in this highly volatile market for a good many years.”

Students also have an opportunity to develop their studies to research level.

Further information is available from the internet at  


Further information is available from the internet at, or directly from Professor José Luiz Fiadeiro, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, telephone 0116 252 3907.

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