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National Role for Bookshop Manager

May 2003
No 125

University of Leicester bookshops' manager Colin Marshall has been elected to the presidency of the trade's national association.

The Booksellers Association is a trade association representing over 3000 bookshops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Based in London is has an executive staff and is governed by an elected Council made up of booksellers from all aspects of the trade.

It includes representatives of major chain booksellers, independent booksellers, academic and other specialist booksellers, institutional suppliers, internet booksellers, children's booksellers and book wholesalers.

Colin Marshall said "I am delighted to have been offered this chance to contribute to the industry I have worked in for nearly 25 years. The organisation has been in existence for over 100 years and I am well aware that few people have been given this opportunity. I am looking forward to the challenge and hope that I can provide the necessary support to the executive team at the Booksellers Association. I am grateful to the University of Leicester for allowing me to take up this post and my thanks are also extended to the staff of the bookshops on site whose conscientiousness allows me the freedom to extend my remit. I am optimistic that the period spent as President will enhance my knowledge of the Bookselling and Publishing industries.

"The Association is involved in all aspects of the book trade. It involves lobbying on issues such as retaining the zero rating of books with respect to VAT, issues, fair trading, copyright, property issues, defamation.

"The Association is responsible for the administration of Book Tokens which continue to be exchangeable at all members shops. It is also involved in the adoption of standards for electronic communication in the book industry. It offers advice to members on trade matters, security, insurance, distribution and consumer law."

The President is responsible for chairing meetings of the Council. In addition working with a small group of officers and executives to establish policies to drive the organisation forward the aim is to be prepared for changes in legislation and trading conditions.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Colin Marshall on 0116 252 3001.

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